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Carpet Cleaning Burke

Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Burke, your leading provider of professional carpet cleaning services in the Burke area. We pride ourselves on bringing you the highest quality carpet cleaning solutions using the latest industry techniques and equipment. With our expertise and commitment to superior service, we guarantee exceptional results that will leave your carpets looking and feeling brand new.
At Carpet Cleaning Burke, we understand the importance of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. That's why we offer carpet green cleaning, a process that utilizes non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solutions to effectively remove dirt, stains, and allergens without harming the environment or compromising the health of your loved ones.
Furthermore, our carpet odor removal service uses advanced deodorizing techniques to eliminate unpleasant odors caused by pets, spills, or other sources. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly assess the odor issue and develop a tailored solution to restore the freshness and cleanliness of your carpets.
In addition to our carpet cleaning services, we also specialize in area rug cleaning. Whether you have a delicate antique rug or a contemporary designer piece, our team is equipped to handle even the most intricate and delicate fabrics. We understand that area rugs require special care and attention, and our experts employ gentle yet effective methods to ensure the preservation of their beauty and longevity.
When it comes to carpet cleaning, green practices, odor removal, and area rug cleaning, Carpet Cleaning Burke is your trusted partner. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us transform your carpets into spotless, fresh, and revitalized pieces that will enhance the aesthetic appeal and comfort of your home or business.


Kevin: Carpet Green Cleaning did an amazing job cleaning my carpets. They were professional, friendly, and efficient. Not only did they get rid of all the stains and odors, but they also used eco-friendly products that were safe for my family and pets. I highly recommend their services!

— Ava

Kevin's stain removal service is absolutely fantastic! He managed to remove a tough red wine stain from my favorite rug without leaving any trace behind. His attention to detail and professionalism were remarkable. I highly recommend Kevin for his outstanding work and friendly demeanor. You won't be disappointed!

— Ella

Brian's Carpet Protection Treatments are simply outstanding. The level of sophistication delivered in every aspect of his service is truly impressive. From start to finish, Brian's attention to detail, professionalism, and expertise are evident. My carpets have never looked this clean and vibrant. With Brian's treatments, I can now confidently enjoy a well-protected, luxurious flooring.

— Emily

I recently encountered a nightmare with dirty and grimy tile and grout in my bathroom. It seemed impossible to tackle, but luckily I found Brian, a skilled professional in tile and grout cleaning. With his expertise and top-notch equipment, he effortlessly transformed my bathroom into a sparkling oasis. Brian is truly a lifesaver in restoring the beauty of any tiled surface!

— Benjamin

After a disastrous spill on my beautiful hardwood floors, I was left in a state of distress over the lingering stains. However, my worries quickly dissipated once I sought Brian's expertise in hardwood floor cleaning. With meticulous care and exceptional skills in stain removal, Brian swiftly transformed my floors, leaving them gleaming and flawless. His professionalism and problem-solving abilities truly saved the day!

— Catherine

I encountered an unexpected and distressing situation when my home suffered carpet water damage due to a burst pipe. However, Brian, the carpet water damage restoration expert, turned my despair into relief. With his expertise and efficiency, he skillfully restored my carpets to their original pristine condition, leaving no trace of the incident. Impeccable service!

— Alexander

Burke Carpet Cleaning methods

1. Air Duct Cleaning: Air duct cleaning involves the thorough removal of dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris from the air ducts in a building. This service helps improve indoor air quality by ensuring clean and fresh air circulation.

2. Rug Cleaning: Rug cleaning focuses on the deep cleaning and restoration of various types of rugs, such as Oriental rugs, area rugs, and shag rugs. Specialized techniques and equipment are used to remove stains, odors, and embedded dirt from the rugs, leaving them clean and refreshed.

3. Mattress Cleaning: Mattress cleaning involves the intensive cleaning and sanitization of mattresses to remove allergens, dust mites, stains, and odors. By using advanced cleaning techniques, this service helps improve the overall hygiene of mattresses and promotes better sleep quality.

4. Stain Removal: Stain removal services target specific stains and spots on carpets, air ducts, rugs, and mattresses. Effective stain removal techniques are employed to eliminate different types of stains, including food and drink spills, pet stains, and more.

5. Odor Removal: Odor removal is a service that aims to eliminate unpleasant smells from carpets, air ducts, rugs, and mattresses. Advanced techniques, such as ozone treatment or enzymatic cleaning, are used to neutralize and eliminate odors, leaving a fresh and clean environment.

6. Upholstery Cleaning: Upholstery cleaning focuses on deep cleaning and restoring upholstery fabrics, such as sofas, chairs, and curtains. Specialized equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are used to remove dirt, stains, and allergens, revitalizing the appearance and prolonging the life of the upholstery.

7. Pet Stain and Odor Removal: This service is specifically designed to tackle pet-related stains and odors. Advanced cleaning methods and specialized products are used to effectively remove pet stains, such as urine or vomit, and eliminate associated odors, leaving surfaces clean and fresh.

8. Carpet Sanitization: Carpet sanitization is a service that helps eliminate bacteria, germs, and allergens from carpets, creating a healthier environment. Specialized sanitizing agents and steam cleaning techniques are used to deep clean and sanitize carpets, reducing the risk of allergies and respiratory issues.

9. Allergy Relief Treatment: Allergy relief treatment involves the application of hypoallergenic agents that effectively neutralize allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. This service is particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies or asthma, providing them with relief and improved indoor air quality.

10. Water Damage Restoration: Water damage restoration services are essential in cases of flooding or water leaks that have affected carpets, rugs, and air ducts. Professional techniques are used to extract water, dry out affected areas, and restore the damaged materials, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

11. Deep Cleaning: Deep cleaning services provide a comprehensive and thorough cleaning of carpets, air ducts, rugs, and mattresses. This service targets built-up dirt, stains, and allergens, ensuring a healthier and cleaner living or working environment.


How does professional carpet cleaning remove tough stains and odors?

Professional carpet cleaning utilizes powerful cleaning agents and hot water extraction methods to effectively remove tough stains and odors.

How often should I schedule a professional carpet cleaning to maintain a clean and healthy home?

We recommend scheduling professional carpet cleaning at least once every 6-12 months for a clean and healthy home.

How can I prepare my home before a professional carpet cleaning service arrives?

To prepare your home before a professional carpet cleaning service, clear the area, remove small items, and vacuum beforehand.

How does the area rug cleaning process work?

Our area rug cleaning process involves thorough inspection, dusting, pre-treatment, gentle agitation, rinsing, and drying for optimal results.

How often should area rugs be professionally cleaned?

Area rugs should be professionally cleaned every 12-18 months to maintain their beauty and prolong their lifespan.

How do I choose the right area rug cleaning company for my needs?

Consider the company's experience, reputation, customer reviews, pricing, cleaning methods, and ability to handle your specific rug material.

How does air duct cleaning improve indoor air quality?

Air duct cleaning removes dust, allergens, and debris, improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory issues.

How often should air ducts be cleaned and why?

Air ducts should be cleaned every 3-5 years to remove dust, allergens, and improve indoor air quality.

How is the cleaning process for air ducts carried out, and what equipment is used?

The cleaning process for air ducts involves using specialized equipment like rotary brushes, vacuums, and high-pressure air tools.

How does the carpet odor removal process work?

Our carpet odor removal process involves deep cleaning, applying specialized solutions, and utilizing deodorizers to eliminate unpleasant odors efficiently.

How long does it typically take to remove odors from a carpet?

The time it takes to remove odors from a carpet can vary but usually ranges between 1-3 hours.

How effective is your carpet odor removal method compared to other techniques?

Our carpet odor removal method is highly effective, surpassing other techniques in eliminating odors and leaving your carpets fresh.

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